Attention spiritually aware entrepreneurs and experts who want to have BOTH deep spiritual satisfaction and money.

Finally – a training designed SPECIFICALLY for spiritually aware entrepreneurs and experts who want to achieve both: make a great deal of money AND feel deeply satisfied and joyful while expressing their greatness, in other words, create their Ultimate Wealth™.

The Ultimate Wealth™ can only be reached by connecting your physical life with the spiritual realm and remembering who you truly are.
The Napoleon Hill’s Law states: All the greatest business achievers rely on the Infinite Intelligence (AKA Divine) in business.

Imagine – In One Day You Will Know What You Need to Do to Open Your Direct Channel to Divine and Start Feeling a Long-Awaited Relief from Worries, Struggles and Fears.

No more sleepless nights worrying about the future of your business or paying your bills.
No more questions about your situation to which you have no answers.
No more asking what your life is all about and why others “have more and do better” than you.

This is the first step! You will have everything you need to take advantage of the most important thing in your life – your spiritual awareness!

MariaShe Helped Me Figure Out the Root of My Fear and Move On

Irina is my spiritual awareness mentor and dearest friend. She guided me in many situations in business and life where I felt stuck or scared. She helped me figure out the root of my fear and move on. The result was more creative solutions in my business, more clients and more income. I truly believe if you, as an entrepreneur want success you have to have mentors, including a spiritual mentor. And Irina is the best choice!”

--Maria Serbina, MBA
Business Strategist and Social Influence Online Expert


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Do you look successful and well put together outside; yet inside, you are struggling, worrying and are afraid?
  • Does everyone in your life looks at your success and thinks you should be happy, but you know deep down that something is missing, and you can’t quite figure out what it is?
  • Have you ever felt angry or you just shut down or you find yourself staying away from people, but what you want the most is to be inspired and light up a room?
  • Do you have a feeling of a “restrictive life,” such as fear of spending on yourself and your loved ones?
  • Do you often feel that you never have “enough”? (money, resources, courage, support, love, etc.)
  • Are you aware of “the disconnect” between where your mind thinks you should be and where you really are?
  • Do you ever ask yourself who am I? What am I doing here?
  • Do you ever wonder, “Why bad things happen to good people”?
  • Are you sick and tired of struggling and being afraid?
  • Do you ever wonder, “I have what it takes, but I am still not even close to true success. What’s wrong with me?”

If any of it rings true, I have a special treat for you. I am inviting you to the training program designed for spiritually aware entrepreneurs and experts --

The Ultimate Wealth™

Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account So You Can Have BOTH Deep Satisfaction and Money.

Me on the stageYou see, it took me 20 long years to figure it out. I have committed my life to my personal spiritual growth and helping others along the way, where everything I have done has been based on my spiritual understanding, healing, and walking my talk. I’d been in your shoes, and I’ve found the answers.

Everything I have accomplished – including earning three Master’s degrees, teaching, counseling, speaking, writing books, doing deep spiritual hypnotic regressions, and mentoring -- has been in preparation to serving you as a guide if you so choose.

Let me take you by the hand and show you shortcuts, which took me 20 years to figure out so YOU won’t need to.

Out of all my mentors Irina has taken me the furthest. I’ve seen my business double.

“Out of all my mentors Irina has taken me the furthest, and I still continue to have advancements as a result of all the work she has done with me. I’ve seen my business double. I’ve seen my relationship with my wife become more fulfilled. I’ve also felt more than ever. I understand my purpose, and I’m on a clear path to get there. As an entrepreneur the spiritual work with Irina has helped me with the most push to the next level."

-Larry Carter Founder, No Cubed Inc.

Just in one inspiring fun-filled day you will walk away with:


Deep Understanding:
  • How to find a relief from worries, concerns, fears, anxiety, struggles, loneliness, and a feeling of disconnection.
  • How to stop feeling fear-based restrictions, for example, being afraid to spend on yourself and your loved ones, being afraid to follow your heart, being afraid to deal with an unpleasant situation.
  • What two things in your life are predestined and must be mastered.
  • Your spiritual anatomy: How the seven bodies you possess directly affect your business and personal success, and where your power is leaking.
The Practical Tools
  • The Creation Formula™ - the time-proven system to practice your partnership with Divine.
  • The most powerful tool there is that opens the direct channel to the Divine, so you can start building your ultimate wealth.
  • The ONLY condition that opens the direct channel to the Divine.
The Specific Choice
  • At your discretion, you will leave the training having spiritually made a specific choice that will change your life forever, which you never even thought about before, but you really need to announce it to the Universe.
hugAnd It’s Not All! Many of my clients tell me that unfortunately, they often feel lonely because they don’t have like-minded people around them to discuss spiritual matters on the deep level. My clients feel that if they mention something spiritual to “regular” folks, then they will be deemed “crazy” or “weird.” And it’s especially true with the knowledge you are going to receive at my training. So you will definitely want people who speak “your language” to share with.
IMAGINE a group of like-minded people who cannot wait to connect with you and become your new friends. This is a great opportunity to network not only as entrepreneurs and experts, but also as good people who want to make new good friends.

Testimonial from a happy client Jesse Neidt.

Warning: This is not stuff that you read about in feel-good metaphysical books, which I really like, by the way. This is practical information that is vital if you intend to find relief from worries, fears, and struggles of everyday life and make a quantum leap in claiming your true creative power so you could finally claim your Ultimate Wealth™ in all areas of your life.

Some people are wealthy, but they are unsatisfied and feel empty inside. They worry how not to lose money, how to invest money well, and how to make more and more. Even if they accumulated millions, they feel they never have enough.

Other people have no money, but they embrace Spirit and feel happy and content. They claim they are fine without the money, but often they say that they are “broke” and cannot pay their bills. They also never have enough. It’s just a different feeling of “not enough.”

And some people have neither money nor satisfaction. They never have enough too!

How about always having ENOUGH of everything: plenty of money and feel joyful and content?

Let me share a few things you WON’T get at my Ultimate Wealth™. (Even though they are correct and useful. It’s just not the promise of this training.)

  • No “feel good,” “fly high in the sky,” or “meditate on a mountain” Yes, the training is based on the spiritual (not religious) knowledge, but these are very practical, the necessary-here-on-earth information and tools. You will be empowered to delve deep into the spiritual knowledge, get an insight, and know why you need it.
  • No talk about “You deserve the money,” “You are abundant,” “Have a simple life, you don’t need much.” You will take an honest look at yourself and your life situation and understand how it all started and what the money is all about.
  • No law of attraction talk, as in “feel good and you will have everything.” (The law of attraction is great and very true, but there is much more to the picture here.) You will learn specific steps that you have to take to be in the flow of life and create your Ultimate Wealth™.

Created an amazing bond, understanding and mutual blissful love.

dan yates“Yes, I feel wonderful. I feel more “aware”, more “awakened.” I seem to notice more details in life around me. These sessions have also created an amazing bond, understanding and mutual blissful love between Janean and me. We can both sense our higher souls individually and as a team. It dramatically enhances our spiritual power. You have opened eternal love and understanding for us – it is a precious and wonderful gift you have given. A channel has been opened widely for me. My connection with my entire family – including my brother’s best friend, was elevated. I was prompted, and I followed that prompt to close an issue with my Father last night. “Thank you” is not enough. You are an angel, a healer. You have provided an unimagined gift to me.”

With eternal gratitude, Dan Yates.

Irina went right to the heart of my desire

Lura Website Headshot“Irina's questioning and insight not only revealed my so-far-not-sure-of passions, but also pointed out specific aspects of these passions that would work for me. And we did it remotely - via the computer. She went right to the heart of my desire - to discover my next career using my soul mission. Highly recommend her - love her sense of humor as well as her mentoring talents.

Lura Kingsford, MBA
Appreciation Mindset Counselor

Irina easily pointed it out and helped me fully accept my life purpose.

Biljana“It's not the full truth to say "Irina helped me define and confirm my life purpose," she actually opened up the vortex of my soul and showed me how amazingly freeing it is to deeply understand and fully accept our Earthly life mission. As I was asking myself "what am I really on this Earth for," I was trying to answer it from my logical mind and naturally was denying myself. Greatly experienced and skillful, she easily pointed it out and helped me fully accept my life purpose, which in turn moved the trajectory of my life for the better in every aspect. Sometimes things dangling at front of your nose are hardest to see. When your soul is trying to get your attention through the lessons in your life, let Irina help you understand what it says and what it means. Your life will thank you tremendously.

Biljana Karamehmedovic, ND, CHNP, CNHP
Wholistic Transformation Leap Strategist, Author, Speaker

Bonus – You will receive exciting pre-training assignments, which will be fun to do and very beneficial to you.

So What’s My Investment?

You could buy a great-deal purse and feel gratified for a split moment, or you could spend a day in a nurturing uplifting environment where your soul sings a joyful song, learn practical tools that will give you the most satisfaction and make spiritually minded new friends who will continue supporting you for years to come. The investment is only $97. Is it worth to you? This is not only about claiming your true creative power, but releasing your fears and worries and instead, feeling joyful, peaceful, and confident about your future.

Ready to say Yes to this incredible opportunity?

  • Yes, Irina. I am ready to learn how I can open a direct channel to Divine and start building my Ultimate Wealth™!

I understand that I’m going to attend a 1-day The Ultimate Wealth™ Training, where I will learn The Creation Formula™ so I can start feeling a relief from worries, struggles and fears, and instead, focus on creating my ultimate wealth.

The training is on Friday, April 1, 2016, in Chandler, Arizona, 9-6 p.m.

Plus, I’ll get these bonuses:

  • Your fun-filled home assignments
  • A live Q&A Google Hangout before we meet on April 1.
  • Super bonus: Bring a friend for $49.


Click here to register now

P.S.1 Tuition is non-refundable due to the internal darkness wanting to keep the status quo. The darkness will do its best to give you doubts, regrets, and all kinds of obstacles, even create sickness!!! to keep you away from this truly transformational day. It is YOUR choice to recognize your resistance for what it is and still make it to the Training. The light is counting on YOU!

Sending love, light, and blessings your way,

StephanieI achieved more peace and joy…

“…My relationships with my family and friends changed for the better. I started reaching to situations and people differently and that drastically improved my life. I achieved more peace and joy, and I am very grateful. I highly recommend Irina and her holistic work…”

--Stephany Robbins

Since I began working with Irina, I feel more at peace and in the flow.

“Working with Irina over the past several months has been a life changing experience. Since I began working with Irina, I feel more at peace and in the flow. My awareness has shifted and I no longer view things as a victim. Even Christmas this year was different from prior years. I now know my life purpose/mission and have more clarity, understanding and I feel empowered. I’m now more aware of my connection with the Divine and don’t feel like I’m alone. I feel there’s a Higher Power guiding me. And I’m more aware of the spiritual meaning of things around me, like my conversations with others and events that before seemed meaningless. I would highly recommend working with Irina. You’ll have a life changing experience. I will continue my healing journey with Irina’s help as I’m now in a year-long Mentoring program where my goal is to stay focused on the spiritual path, continue to grow spiritually and continue to be in the flow and at peace.”

–Elizabeth Ortega, Finance professional

Now let’s talk about what you are going to learn at my training:

Step 1- Spiritual Anatomy

Obviously, you know that you have a physical body. You also identify yourself with this body, and rightly so. However, do you know that you actually have seven bodies? Learn what bodies you actually possess and how they directly affect your business and personal success. After all, you cannot take care of something you had no idea you have, can you?

Step 2 – How to Open a Direct Channel to the Divine and Find a Long-Awaited Relief from Fear, Struggle, and Worry.

 Only wealth that is based on the spiritual principles and backed by the physical laws is the Ultimate Wealth™ in all areas of your life. Without the open direct channel to Divine genuine joy, satisfaction, contentment, peace, and riches without worries are not possible!

You will learn

  • The ONLY tool there is that opens the direct channel to the Divine.
  • The ONLY condition there is that opens the direct channel to the Divine.
  • Learn two things that create a short circuit on your way to joy, happiness, and abundance.

Are you intrigued? Wait! There is more!

Step 3 – The Creation Formula™

If you think you create everything through your physical actions ONLY, such as business strategies and marketing efforts, think twice. True success and deep satisfaction come only from the partnership with the Divine.

Learn the time-tested and proven again and again practical steps in practicing partnership with the Divine in creating your success. This is the exact “How to” that many lack. And the beauty of it is that you can take this formula and start practicing immediately.

Step 4—Discover The Main Roadblocks that Create A Short Circuit On the Way to Your Ultimate Wealth.

There are two things in your life that are predestined and must be accomplished. You have a choice to ignore them and suffer consequences (longer than you need to), or you can acknowledge and master these two areas and find deep satisfaction and a very good happy life.

But how can you master these two areas if you have no idea the first area exists and perhaps, you have been ignoring the second for a long time.

Awareness here is the key.

 Step 5 – Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account.

Everything you need to know to finally connect two realms — physical and spiritual – in your business and personal life. This connection will bring you the ultimate wealth! FINALLY!

Isn’t it time YOU feel relief from worry, struggle and fear
and instead, focus on creating your Ultimate Wealth?
This is the first step…

Click this button to buy now.





The training is on Friday, April 1, 2016, in Chandler, Arizona, 9-6 p.m.

Questions? Send us an email:

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any endeavor in life, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. You must follow your path and decide YOURSELF whatever steps you have to take on your own spiritual journey.

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